Keith Moor discusses Mr Cruel with Ethan Cardinal

This is a Zoom interview of Keith Moor by Ethan Cardinal from November 2020. Matt Dunlop of Matt Dunlop Media gave me permission to publish this interview.

Topics mentioned in the interview include:

Some detectives don’t think Mr Cruel murdered Karmein Chan, but they had to treat it as Mr Cruel case as so many similarities.

Karmein was a feisty 13 year old, her mum says she would have ripped off his mask.

The offender may have reluctantly killed Karmein Chan. Some detectives think offender might have got such a shock he stopped offending.

Says it’s possible offender flies to Bali, Cambodia or Philippines three times a year and hires someone to dress up as a schoolgirl.

Police hated the title of Mr Cruel.

Sharon Wills and Nicola Lynas were spoken to for hours and hours and both were incredible witnesses.

Both heard aeroplanes probably landing.

Police first of all released FBI profile, that was a big story.

Then they released the stuff about the bathroom, then the flight paths.

In 2016 for the 25th anniversary Moor obtained a lot of information that had never been made public before including the names and identities of the 7 main suspects.

They had a shortlist of 20 people of whom, 7 were more likely than the others.

All of them had the propensity to kidnap girls from their bedrooms.

One of those 7 was the self-confessed main suspect.

Moor spoke to him.

David Sprague believes he’s the prime suspect.

Other detectives put him alongside the other six.

There are no fingerprints, no DNA evidence in this case.

Moor had no qualms with abiding by the stipulations of Victoria Police in relation to the information contained in the Sierra files because he’s got a good rapport with Victoria Police and would never jeopardise an ongoing investigation.

He didn’t get the files officially, he got them from a source, but he then went to a senior serving member of the Victoria Police and still is and he said, “look, I’ve got this stuff, surely it’s time to bring out some new stuff as it’s been 25 years”.

He struck up a deal with him that he would write his long article, but he let him read it and if there was anything in there he thought they should keep out as it might jeopardise the investigation that was fine.

There were a couple of things he left out.

He had originally named the Melbourne Uni lecturer, but he left that out at the request of the Victoria Police as they are concerned with vigilantism.

Not that he has sympathy for somebody who’s already done nasty things to six other girls.

But, he did agree to that, nor did he go into the details of the attacks on the girls.

He reminded the interviewer to remember it’s illegal in Victoria to identify sexual assault victims, and he’s not saying whether Sharon Wills and Nicola Lynas were sexually assaulted, but they’ve never been referred to as such in any respectable media (this is untrue as numerous media organisations including the ABC reported the police as stating that both girls were sexually assaulted).

He never has, they’re referred to as being kidnapped, and abducted and assaulted. Neither of those girls have given their permission to be identified.

John Wills spoke to Keith Moor for support.

He felt he failed in his duty as a protector.

David Sprague was horrified when evidence of a rope used to tie up a rape victim in 1985 was lost.

It had been thrown in a bag and put in a policeman’s locker, and then the policeman moved somewhere else and then someone cleaned his locker out and chucked it out.

A lot of evidence that might have caught Cruel out…if that happened now. Rehash about new rules coming in to preserve evidence.

If the another journalist had the running of a particular crime he wouldn’t try to knock him off. Keith Moor would be surprised if the offender’s not one of the 7 in the Sierra Files.

Or the longer list of the 20 odd.

A lot points toward the uni lecturer.

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