Mr Cruel Map

The following map displays the location of the main events that occurred throughout the Mr Cruel case. We recommend not using a smart phone when viewing it, in order to fully appreciate its scope. The map tags the locations (approximate or exact) of the 10 attacks that have been atrributed at one point or another to the amorphous character known as Mr Cruel. Also, tagged are other important events that are of interest to this case. For example, the approximate residential locations of the seven main suspects. The places where abduction victims were dumped. Other locations somehow related to the attacks (eg., the location where Karmein Chan’s remains were found) are also included. Also contained within is the location of a number of electrical substations and their proximity to certain crime scenes as first mapped by Melbourne Marvels in 2019.

In March 2022, the Nine Network and their guest Mike King falsely claimed on their program Under Investigation Australia that the locations of these substations were determined using a fancy new technology called GIS. In fact, Melbourne Marvels was the first to map these locations by trawling through copies of old Melway street directories. This task was achieved back in late 2020 a full year and a half before Mike King plagiarised it and claimed to be the first to map the locations of the substations to the crime scenes in question on the Under Investigation program in March 2022. This map and any theories contained within is the exlusive intellectual property of Melbourne Marvels. Anyone wishing to use knowledge contained therein must cite Melbourne Marvels as the creator of this map.

To use the map properly click on the ‘View in larger screen’ icon in the top right hand corner, and then zoom in on the map using your mouse wheel. You can do this to find your desired location. You will see a menu of options on the left hand side which divides the key events by type. You can also click on any of the icons on the map to get more information about that particular event.

For an explainer of how to use this map.

5 thoughts on “Mr Cruel Map”

  1. Love your work on Mr Cruel. First rate, comprehensive, clear.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about critiquing Xanthe Mallet’s work. She’s widely considered a joke in true crime circles.


    1. Ok. I mean, it just needed to be pointed out that she had a mistake in her 2019 book about Mr Cruel being responsible for the Moonee Ponds attack in 1987. It wasn’t a criticism of her personally.


  2. Hi
    Please don’t shout when you are quoting. When I listen to podcast, I constantly have to turn it down each time you quote someone.


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